However you landed here, you are welcome. As we move into a different way of being, it is logical to assume that different kinds of artists can be expected to begin to emerge, as with everything else. Different kinds of weather, different kinds of government, different ways of thinking, enticingly different ways of feeling, perhaps even different kinds of loving seem to be visible for to see with eyes willing to see. Eyes willing to see. Maybe a part of this transformational process holds within itself different kinds of artists also.


For what is art in an artificial world? What is it's role in the further development of human consciousness?


The Blackbird is my response to these and many other colorful ideas. The challenge here is to label in a few words the current status of a lifetime's inner alchemical process, so allow me the luxury of trying a few things out on you.


Would it mean anything to you to say a The Blackbird is mystic poet and bard? Do those words bring you closer to knowing me? If the term bard is new to you, we can say a bard is a storyteller, composer, poet wrapped up in one. But preserved within a bard's stories and songs are ideas and histories which help maintain the identity and coherency of his culture. There is a craft even more distant and lost to us, that of the Celtic Fili, who mix magic and prophecy into their poetry and songs. They were closer to seers and poetic sorcerers, and associated with power and governing their society, and were even responsible for the keeping of genealogies of the ruling classes. What the Blackbird has in common with Bards and Fili is believing deeply in the magic within words and how words shape human experience, thought and society and how songs can deliver words and ideas though human minds.


The goal is to try and create an artwork out of a life, to sow beauty, joy and connection with words, ideas and music, to offer modern minds fresh perspectives, revisit forgotten selves and celebrate being what we are. You are invited to participate and shape the experience if it draws you, or to simple enjoy the show. You are welcome here. A story only lives in it's audience.