The Nest (The Blackbird Store)

the blackbird

Mystic Poet, Modern Bard and Master Guitarist

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The music of The Blackbird is deeply rooted in earlier times and half forgotten traditions. Bluesman, social critic, oral historian, hippie ontologist- it's hard to know he will say or play next. If he wrestles within himself over whether his inspiration is of the light side or of the dark side of things, it is only we who profit. One can hear the light side in songs like Me & You, and You're Beautiful When You're Free , but he may just as well cast himself in the role of monster, or cynic (Never Say Never, Joker).


He draws from many musical and lyrical traditions. In this compilation he tips his leather hat to the great lyricists Woodie Guthrie, and Bob Dylan, the great bluesmen Johnny Lee Hooker and Robert Johnson. The long form classic electric guitar solos invoke Hendrix or Clapton (Weather, Keep Movin'), and he even opens the collection by mixing traditional solo jazz guitar into an experimental composition (jazz guitar floating, japanese summer silk screen, how deep do we hear).