A discussion of "The Joker"

As I look at the modern world, it becomes clearer and clearer that there is a deception going on, but how do we identify the root of this grand deception? Alan Moore, the mad Scottish genius of graphic novel fame, has in more than one place suggested that the best analogy for western civilization may actually be a “Joke”, and that we are living inside a joke which we cannot see because it is so massive, so large…

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A Sidhe Experience

So how do I begin a discussion about the Sidhe (pronounced “Shee”)? I guess I must admit to you firstly that I have Irish blood in me veins. For those who “know”, no further explanation is probably necessary. But for the unfortunate non-Irish majority, I realize I must try to catch you up on a few things. They are not new things, they are old things, but they are also living things, and living things evolve and develop over time. Our fantasy that our world is the only world which evolves must be left behind. It is simply wrong.

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Website Reboot!

Just a note to let you know the website is having a makeover. If there is anything you'd like to see here that you don't let me know! I hope to continue working on it over the next few weeks. But any thoughts are welcome! Treat each other well! ;-)

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