My thoughts on the Lorian Association

Lorian is an emergent association which nurtures and offers practices on how to come into relationship with our own sacred individuality within the context of a living and sentient universe. And further, this sentient universe has great interest in having a deeper, more loving relationship with us in return. At least, that's what it says.

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A Song from the Gernsback Continuum

In this story the main character begins to have access to visions of futures which never happened. Specifically retro-futures, a vision of the 1980's as seen from the 1930's. We're talking Air-wings, flying cars, sleek chrome cities, with fluid towers and geodesic domes. Vintage retro fun!

So my assignment was to write a song which we might find playing on the car radio in such a retro-future and as soon as I had this image in my head, it was clear to me that it should also be an homage to Chuck Berry, for no one represents huge American Cars with huge America car radios then he…

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All I Want For Christmas

…We were tired of the commerciality of Christmas and wanted to write something which brought forth the spirit of the holiday without the hustle and bustle and buying pressure, something that celebrated the important parts of the holiday and not the superficial parts…

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The Persephone Quartets

A discussion about the Persephone Quartets, new classical works for Three Strings and Guitar based on the sacred myth and presence of Persephone.

Persephone is many things to many people and different cultures. It is my hope with these works to light a more unified presence of her in our imaginations.

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A discussion of "The Joker"

As I look at the modern world, it becomes clearer and clearer that there is a deception going on, but how do we identify the root of this grand deception? Alan Moore, the mad Scottish genius of graphic novel fame, has in more than one place suggested that the best analogy for western civilization may actually be a “Joke”, and that we are living inside a joke which we cannot see because it is so massive, so large…

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A Sidhe Experience

So how do I begin a discussion about the Sidhe (pronounced “Shee”)? I guess I must admit to you firstly that I have Irish blood in me veins. For those who “know”, no further explanation is probably necessary. But for the unfortunate non-Irish majority, I realize I must try to catch you up on a few things. They are not new things, they are old things, but they are also living things, and living things evolve and develop over time. Our fantasy that our world is the only world which evolves must be left behind. It is simply wrong.

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PoetryGreg DinunziComment

look for the ones with starlight in their eyes,

they will not look away, if you find them

approach them with honesty, honor and respect

and be prepared to allow the wonders which stir

to bloom

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